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Scenerien für X-Plane 11


A scenery generator for the X-Plane flight simulator

EDHK Kiel Holtenau  Freeware

Braucht OpenSceneryX       ruscenery    r2_library

EDHK Kiel (9 Downloads)

XP11 Scenerien von simHeaven

Sceneries for X-Plane 11

  • VFR-Landmarks
    for standard scenery or HD Mesh Scenery v3 to improve the look of standard XP with generic visual objects like chimneys, towers, churches, castles and ruins, wind turbines, solar panel fields, flags, lighthouses, windmills, cranes, water towers, tanks, piers and boats, seamarks.
    Needs OpenSceneryX library in the same directory (Custom Scenery folder) and unchanged name. Download covers the entire world.
  • VFR-Aerials
    generated from the OSM aerial ways like gondolas and lifts, for those who want to add these objects, e.g. helicopter pilots flying in the Alps.
    No additional library needed.
  • VFR Add-ons
    available for Germany and some European countries these add-ons bring objects from the SketchUp 3D warehouse to your scenery, mainly sightseeing and other remarkable objects. A big win for VFR flyers, best on higher performant computers. Downloads are available under ‘VFR Addons‘.
  • Forests
    This scenery replaces the forests of XP11 with forests, orchards, vineyards, tree lines and trees derived from OSM data. For the objects, original forests and trees of XP11 are used, so there is no additional library necessary.
    Best for use of photo sceneries, but even with standard scenery this could be a win, try out and see. Original forests of XP11 are excluded for all covered tiles, but autogen trees in cities still remain visible.
    No additional library needed, should be compatible with XP10 too.
  • w2xp_Europe_net_XP11
    Normal flyers don’t need it!! It’s an unprocessed scenery generated with a beta tool having experimental status for roads! Recommend only together with w2xp sceneries, otherwise you have autogen objects on streets etc..
    It replaces your network like roads, railways, power lines, gondolas, drag lifts etc. with network derived from newest osm data, all network from sceneries below is disabled.
    No additional library needed.

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