Freeware ZIBO Mod auf Version 3.40 aktualisiert

Freeware ZIBO Mod auf Version 3.40 aktualisiert!

Die sehr gute Freeware,737NG von Zibo für X-Plane 11 wurde auf 3.40 aktualisiert.

Version 3.40 of the ZIBO mod 737 is available on the zibomod Google Drive.

Release Notes v3.40

  • Improved flight model 4.2 by Twkster
  • Add option LOAD/SAVE FLIGHT (thanks to JBrik for new icons)
  • Add layout/standard weight settings to EFB (values saved to livery folder with Quick save)
  • Add missing data for TRIM calculation
  • Add option “Flight director helper” to EFB
  • Add variation for MMR backlight (white)
  • Fixed bugs (calculate turn radius, “CI”/”VI” legs for RW waypoint…)
  • Add commands for transponder and autobrake position
  • Add V1 digital on PFD when V1 is out of scale
  • Add TCAS RA messages
  • New code for descent idle path with forecast descent QNH
  • Fixed bug for VSD (wrong data sended to TerrainRadar plugin) – thanks to Dr.Gluck
  • New modeled failures (flaps overspeed, speedbrake overspeed,…)
  • Assymetric flaps protection
  • Improved and fixed hold pattern code (dynamic hold pattern depend of speed/altitude)
  • Corrected systems (temp zones, optional: REF on PFD, TCAS rings,…)
  • Improved code for LNAV (turn to radius)
  • Add support more formats for entry pax (for ex. MF5 = 5 kids, M12 = 12 women,…)
  • Add support 1000s format for entry payload and fuel (1000s is used when you use key <.>, for ex. 5.6 = 5600)
  • Add CG Envelope, weight for FAs and galleys
  • CG Envelope page: corrected CG graph, add weights (BEW, OEW, ZFW, LW, TOW/GW)
  • Add calculation CG by Pax Layout
  • Changed Pax Layouts to fixed Pax Layouts 160/180/187/189 (pax)
  • Add direct entry number of pax (men only)
  • Corrected N1 limit page depend of aspirated or non aspirated TAT probe
  • Gently tuned Autoland
  • Corrected weight for calculate OPT/MAX altitude
  • Added missing data for adjust Vspeeds (by runway wind/slope for 24k/22k)
  • Fixed bug in code for fill fuel tanks
  • Fixed bugs (overspeed warning, RNP, InitRef feature, electric…)
  • New code for calculation prediction fuel
  • New code for calculation T/C
  • Reworked menu in EFB
  • Fixed small bugs



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