RDPresets Autogen v1.0 ist da

RDPresets Autogen v1.0 ist da

RDPresets hat sein neues Autogen veröffentlicht.

The RDPresets Autogen package will update each autogen building within Prepar3D V4 and give them a new look and feel all with ultra-high resolution sheets. All of the buildings included are region specific and delivered in 4K resolution, with lower resolutions available for those that don’t have as powerful systems. According to the developers, it will have “no performance impact.”

You can buy the RDPresets Autogen package for €12,49 direct from their website.

Feature list: (all over the world)
Modern style autogen building textures
High quality custom made building textures, and with the ability to choose the resolution you prefer (4K, 2K or 1K)
Area suiting autogen depending where you are in the world
Custom sky scraper textures in big cities for the best skyline experience
New roofs textures for a great look from above
No performance impact!
Regular updates


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