REX SkyForce Update auf Version 2.1

REX SkyForce Update auf Version 2.1

Benutzer erhalten beim Start von REX SkyForce eine Meldung, dass das Update verfügbar ist und können es über einen eingeblendeten Link direkt downloaden. Der Changelog kann sich sehen lassen….

Users must uninstall their current version of REX SkyForce 3D before installing the update via the REX file transfer utility.


FSX, FSX Steam, Prepar3D v1 – v4 +

Uninstall previous version of REX Sky Force


  • FIXED – Improved application launch speed
  • FIXED – Reduced HDD activity at startup
  • FIXED – Replaced and fixed looped precipitation sound
  • FIXED – Automatic flight plan import into simulator. (FSX Steam does not allow this feature through simconnect)
  • FIXED – Minimum altitude weather engine limit
  • FIXED – Issue with in-sim audio briefings remaining read-only have enabling audible weather briefings
  • FIXED – Issue of failed weather injection after first injection
  • FIXED – Issue of numerous openings/closings of simconnect
  • FIXED – Erroneous reports of air pressure during weather injection
  • FIXED – Issue of right-click on mapping system causing CTD
  • CHANGED – Default core file installs to be set to minimum for sake of meeting minimal requirements of machines
  • CHANGED – Note statement on Step 2 of registration
  • CHANGED – Error message reporting email
  • ADDED – Control for users to select weather injection refresh rate
  • ADDED – Control for users to select male/female voice for in-sim weather briefings
  • IMPROVED – Performance of the weather engine
  • IMPROVED – Weather injection accuracy
  • IMPROVED – Performance of the mapping system
  • REMOVED – Product website link on setting page


1. Please uninstall your previous version of REX Sky Force.
2. Turn off your anti-virus software and disable your firewall.
3. Click the link below to download the installer file. Download to your desktop.
4. Right-click on the rexsetup.exe and select “Run as Administrator”.
5. You may be alerted that the publisher is unknown. Click run anyway.
6. Proceed through the installer wizard until complete.
7. Use the REX File Transfer Manager to access your files.


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