Freeware B737-800X ZIBO Update auf 3.30 rc2.0

Freeware B737-800X ZIBO Update auf 3.30 rc2.0

Die Freeware B737-800X von ZIBO hat ein Update auf 3.30 rc2.0 bekommen.


– autothrottle modes: N1, SPEED, TAKEOFF, A/P GA, F/D GA
– IRS systems modes: OFF, ALLIGN, NAV, ATT
– anti-ice: engines and wings
– windows heat for every window (L/R windshield, L/R side window) with simply windshield effects (rain, freeze)
– hydraulic systems: hyd A, hyd B, Standby hyd and pumps (hydr and elec)
– autobrakes modes: RTO, 1, 2, 3, MAX
– speedbrakes system with logic after RTO and landing
– engine starter modes: GRD, AUTO, CNT, FLT
– engine idle rpm N1 logic: ground, flight and approach
– automatic crossover altitude
– gear leveler position Down, Up, Off and emergency landing gear leveler (behind first officer on the floor)
– APU start with stabilize and shutdown with cooling cycle
– pressurisation system – modes: AUTO, ALTN, MAN
– electric systems with buses: AC/DC ,AC/DC Standby
– FMC for captain and first officer (still in development)


– flaps and landing gear retract speed limits
– Vmo and Mmo speed limits
– annunciates with rectangle for engaged pitch, roll and speed modes
– flashing „8“ on MCP speed, if MCP speed dial is above flaps, landing gear or Vmo speed limits
– flashing „A“ on MCP speed, if MCP speed dial is under minimal maneuver flaps speed limit
ND (independent for captain and first officer)
– real size navaids, fixes, airports and waypoints
– VNAV vertical path indicator
– waypoits: T/C, T/D, DECEL
– EFIS DATA for waypoints
– mod legs and missed approach legs
– reference and destination runways
– weather radar (limited for one ND at same time)


– add lower display unit: engine, systems
– add side by side fuel gauges


– list of custom commands (B738_Commands.txt)
– list of custom datarefs (B738_Datarefs.txt)


FMOD 5.1 sounds by AudioBirdXP (link below)

Release 3.34 rc2.0 (full package):
– add curved lines for route

– ASU 3D model by Jorge
– add start engine with ASU
– new code for duct pressure (add modeled engine starter valve,…)
– improved and fixed LNAV code (terminate RF legs, turn,…)
– fixed bugs for MCP speed dial during takeoff
– tuned code for taxi
– custom code for start engines
– new code for control AP (speed, altitude, heading, courses) and pressurization panel (flight altitude, landing altitude) – values are changed by speed of turn – you can on/off in EFB (Hardware settings)
– corrected systems (tape bugs „parking“, …..)
– add variant for COM radios – 2 or 3 decimal place
– fixed vortex effect
– graphics corrections by AudiobirdXP (cockpit,…)
This is only for OS WINDOWS and MAC OS. EXPERIMENTAL FLIGHT MODEL set to OFF in Xplane menu.
This is not final release 3.34.

Release 3.34 rc1 (full package):
– new flight model 3.1 by Twkster

– add support ASXP metar via FMC
– correction models/textures by AudioBirdXP
– corrected systems
This is only for OS WINDOWS. EXPERIMENTAL FLIGHT MODEL set to OFF in Xplane menu.
This is not final release 3.34.


Release 3.33h (fix only):
– fixed bugs (T/D, FMC freeze,…)

Release 3.33g (fix only):
– fixed bugs

Release 3.33f (fix only):
AudiobirdXP updates:
– fixes / updates to roof textures
– fixes / updates roof PBR
– create placards
– created decals (seats, rope & bulb compartments, latch window)
– new icing texture
– slight edits to seats (gray material found in most cockpits vs. cream one)
– roof: new grills, new compartments, removal of artifacts, removal of placards and stickers
– maximum compression of 4k PBR files
Other updates:
– optimised code for calculation VNAV descent path
– tuned Skiselkov rain effect
– fixed bugs

Release 3.33e (fix only):
– fixed COM1/COM2 radio
– fixed particle effect for engines during raining day
– fixed Circular RA – missing radio alt above 1000 ft
– tuned Skiselkov effect
– add support Brunner hardware – beta test (see page Hardware in EFB – you need Brunner CLS software 4.19.0+)

Release 3.33c (fix only):

– improved engines blades rotation
– add engines and wings visual freeze effect
– tuned Skiselkov rain windshield effect
– fixed bugs (APU door,…)

Release 3.30b:
– fixed turn to next waypoint for long distance
– fixed LVL CHG and VNAV climb mode
– fixed speedbrakes if you have assigned speedbrake axis in xplane
– fixed small bugs
– fixed and corrected winglets
– fixed fmod sound
– new textures and PBR for GPU

Note: If you use speedbrake axis, be sure your hardware lever is not noisy.

Release 3.30a (hot fix only):

– fixed crash for MacOS and Linux

Release 3.30:

– corrected texture switches
– corrected IRS aligned time
– corected A/T move
– add APP geometric descent path mode (optional FULL/APP geo des)
– corrected landing gear extend/retract times
– A/P disconnect by input yoke
– improved LNAV and VNAV code
– corrected FMC (N1 takeoff thrust page,…)
– improved EFB mac, mac zfw
– corrected FMC SPD if drop speed during VNAV descent below 15 kts
– corrected idle thrust after reach target speed during VNAV descent
– hold -1000 fpm during VNAV descent (minimal descent rate, if above VNAV path)
– new EFB with adjusting stand and toggle command hide/show
– add FMC Boeing type
– add annunciate FUEL USED on EICAS and Lower DU
– add block altitude restrict on FMC (LEGS page)
– add option IRS position entry message during align
– add option Long LED strobes
– add paper checklist
– add custom eletric and manual elevator trim
– add landing pulselite lights (optional)
– add winglets types (none, blended, split)
– add SatCom (none, front, rear, both)
– add About AviTab icon
– add LED landing lights (optional)
– add HUD object (optional)
– add lock LNAV/VNAV if selected prior to Takeoff mode
– fixed flap maneuver speed during VNAV descent
– optional retractable landing lights
– changed FMC navigation switch (graphics of switch)
– new FMOD with new PA messages (Europe too)
– add own speedbrake code
– add animate in replay mode: throttle levers, speedbrake lever, landing gear lever, flap lever
– add commands and annunciates for doors
– corrected duct bleed pressure system
– corrected altitude alert system
– and more

Release 3.29e:
– integrated AviTab plugin by Folko to EFB
– fixed bugs

Important: Install AviTab plugin 0.2.3+ by Folko

Thanks to Folko for great plugin and add our requests to plugin.

Release 3.29d:
– add Ground services (GPU, Chocks, BetterPushback commands)
– add load/save aircraft config presets
– prepare „paper“ checklist for First Officer too
– improved and fixed LNAV/VNAV (with decode CIFP)
– corrected systems

Note: You can connect/disconnect GPU via Tablet only.
 Release 3.29c:
– fixed rotating instruments
– corrected systems
– add nosewheel steering for First Officier

Release 3.29b:
– fixed fuel systems
– fixed textures
– corrected systems

Release 3.29a:
– fixed fuel systems (crossfeed, pumps)
– fixed disconect GPU after entry payload/fuel
– fixed textures (night textures)

Release 3.29:
– new flight model by Twkster (ver. 1.0 – base) – will be tuned and improved
– add moveable tablet
– moved settings to tablet
– add checklist to tablet
– improved and corrected graphics
– corrected systems
– fixed bugs



1/ Delete old release (backup folder before delete)
2/ Copy folder „B737-800X“ to folder „XPLANE11/Aircraft/“
3/ Download and install latest TerrainRadar plugin by DrGluck
4/ Download and install latest AviTab plugin by Folko
5/ Enjoy

Textures resolution 2k or 4k: (default 2k)
1/ Delete file „b738.acf“ in root installation folder („B737-800X“)
2/ Copy file „b738.acf.2k“ or „b738.acf.4k“ from folder „ACF_2k_4k“ to root instalation folder („B737-800X“)
3/ Rename copied acf file („b738.acf.2k“ or „b738.acf.4k“) to „b738.acf“


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