Trotz gerüchten das Efass NG tod ist,geht es wohl doch weiter.

Habe mir heute das Update (Pre-Release Beta) EFASS NG Pre-Release Installer 2.1.19037.1543 (Released 06.02.2019)  Installiert.

Es gibt einige Updates zb.Active Sky XP Unterstützung,schaut Euch es an.


EFASS NG 2.1.19037.1543 (Released 06.02.2019)
– Support for IVAO FIR-Aliases

EFASS NG 2.1.19037.1207 (Released 06.02.2019)
– Fixed FIR-Display for big Radar-Sectors
– New FIR Database

EFASS NG 2.1.19037.0822 (Released 06.02.2019)
– Fixed GFS Download

EFASS NG 2.1.19036.1725 (Released 05.02.2019)
– FP can be exported to Web-EFB (efass.net/efb)
– New variables for FP Templates added
– New FP-Template added, that includes gallons
– Export for X-Plane now exports to _LASTEXPORT.fms and
– Export for X-Plane fixed – Removed duplicate waypoints

EFASS NG 2.1.18357.1437 (Released 23.12.2018)
– Support for Active Sky XP
– Automatic / Manual folder detection for ASXP
– Worldmap zoom no more limited. When zooming in, taxiways and
apron positions are displayes (if available for the airport)
– Taxi-AutoZoom on Worldmap: Map will zoom in when AC is on ground.
Enabeling this will automatically disable taximode of the groundmap.
Remark: This taxi mode will also adapt the night mode.
– METAR is displayed on top of the map while Taxi-AutoZoom is
enabled and A/C is on the ground.
– Worldmap switches automatically to Detailed-Map when zooming
far in (Other Map-Providers do not supply that high zoomlevel)
– Import for IVAP-Formatted Flightplans while creating a new
schedule added. This function is intended for exchanging flight-
plans between different programs that are capable of ex/importing
IVAP format (New-Flightplan-Window).
– Import by Text-Input/Clipboard for simple routes (RouteFinder
– FlightFactor A320 Ultimate Export Plugin (for Beta-Version, may
change later)
– Temperature and Dewpoint dispayed on Summary Page
– QNH/Altimeter is displayed on map when Surface-Weather is
active and zoomed in
– Runway-Numbers and Course for runways without localizer is
now displayed on map
– Radio-Altimeter displayed on landing in Inflight-Panel
– Performance and Network-Code optimizations
– LUA-Engine stability fixes
– Option to hide the License-Name from the bottom status bar
– Crew, Pax, Payload allow manual text input instead of having
to move the sliders
– Crew can be set to 0 during flightplanning, as some A/C required
the crew to be included in the PAX field.
– Rightclicking the Flightplan allows Copy & Paste. If no text
is selected, the complete OFP will be copied.
– ADIS now contains an extra tab for ATIS information.
– Speeded up Flightplan-Close process
– ADIS shows runway length in meters and feet
– Fixed List + Label positioning in flightplan summary


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