ToLiss 319 Update auf Version 1.3

ToLiss 319 Update auf Version 1.3

Der ToLiss 319 Airbus hat ein Update auf die Version 1.3 bekommen.

Changes for build 981 (V1.2.2) to build 1003 (V1.3)

Major new features

  • Rain effects – experimental for now (Thanks to Saso Kiselkov)
  • Created custom XP11.30 particle effects
  • Engine performance adaptation to new XP11.30 engine dynamics model
  • VR manipulator support
  • Avitab support is integrated now

Minor new features:

  • Added bulb dynamics to the integrated lights. (On/Off is not instantaneous anymore.)
  • Added ECAM action items to ADR DISAGREE ECAM caution, added ECAM caution SPD BRK STILL OUT
  • GEN 1 Line push button is now functional
  • MCDU PROG page now supports airport/runway for the Distance/Bearing function
  • The FMS now also parses Custom Scenery/Global Airports/Earth Nav data/earth_nav.dat to get the best ILS placement
  • Cabin pressure and whether you are wearing the oxygen mask now ties into the “pilot felt altitude” dataref. Enable hypoxia in Xplane setting for maximum realism
  • Texture rework from Matthew

Bug fixes:

  • When using the fire extingushing bottles, the DISCH light now comes up at the right time
  • Fixed an issue with import of altitude and speed constraints in newer CFIP files
  • After entering the TO/FROM ICAO codes, the ALTN airport now shows “NONE” rather than red boxes
  • When Pulling the SPD knob, the speed target synchronizes to the current speed
  • Fixed a bug to make sure that FBW system drops to alternate mode when in EMER ELEC configuration
  • Fixed behaviour of the ECAM ALL button for repetitive pushes
  • Fixed EIS switching behaviour when all screens are available
  • Fixed airplane symbol location in PLAN mode
  • Upon go-around the AP reverts now to HDG/VS mode (if it was in TRK/FPA before)
  • Made the pitch down notion when approaching stall in alternate mode more noticeable
  • Improved flap/slat extension times and Normal law compensation of flap movement
  • Allowed the activation of managed Descent during the Cruise phase now. (at -1000fpm)
  • Fixed a bug that could lead to loss of correct ILS data on approach, if the flight plan asks for tuning an ILS DME in VOR1


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