Aerosoft gibt Airbus Preis bekannt!

Aerosoft gibt Airbus Preis bekannt!

Vor 5 Wochen gab  Mathijs Kok, im Aerosoft forum die Preise für den neuen  Airbus  A318/19/20/21 Professional) P3Dv4 bekannt.

  • A318/A319 Professional €50.38
  • A320/A321 Professional €50.38
  • A318-21 Bundle €67.18 (Offering a 33% discount)

Aerosoft has said that both products will be made available before the bundle is available for purchase.

In addition to this, those who already own the A318-21 series products will have a discount on their corresponding purchase, with the following list prices available for those customers:

  • A318/A319 Professional €25.17
  • A320/A321 Professional €25.17
  • A318-21 Bundle €33.57 (Offering a 33% discount)

The A318/A319 will be available before the bundle for those who are updating.

Aerosoft has also stated that customers who bought the current products on steam, which were sold by Dovetail games, are not eligible for the discount.

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