Prepar3D v4.2 released

Prepar3D v4.2 ist nun released.

Lockheed Martin haben Prepar3D auf Version 4.2 aktualisiert.

Prepar3D Client

General Platform Updates

New Features

  • Added Single-Pass VR support for improved VR performance.
  • Added headset selection to the VR menu
  • Added helicopter AI capabilities
  • Added helicopter autopilot functionality
  • Added support for ground based waypoint and wingman AI
  • Added Voice Control (experimental).

New Features (Professional Plus Only)

  • Added Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) Collision PDU support

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed crash that could occur when moving windows across different GPUs
  • Fixed issue in VR where the red top-down cursor would only show in the left eye view
  • Fixed issue that could cause AI to jitter when viewing recordings
  • Fixed flickering issue in VR when changing to a sensor view for the first time
  • Fixed bug preventing graphics profile names from saving correctly
  • Fixed issue with the crash view being misaligned in VR
  • Fixed issue in the flight planner screen where altitude units would not sync with user preferences
  • Fixed issue with full screen not correctly blacking out monitors with certain resolution settings
  • Filenames containing a ‘.’ character are now supported
  • Added additional VR error messages to assist in debugging common issues
  • Specified content errors will now only be reported once
  • Added pop-up message that is shown when graphics driver crashes allowing scenario to be saved before shut down
  • Fixed issue preventing navigation visual ribbons from properly appearing in instant replay and recordings
  • Fixed issue where invalid ATC options were assigned to ground vehicles
  • Fixed issue where commands assigned to numeric keys with modifiers (i.e. shift + 1) would not execute when the ATC window was open
  • Fixed crash that could occur when having the ATC window open for an extended period of time when using a ground vehicle
  • Fixed Scaleform crash occurring in various third party add-ons
  • Corrected time zone processing so the date changes correctly when switching to an airport in a different hemisphere
  • Fixed several time zone issues including updating GMT references to UTC, updating daylight savings time dates, fixing default time zone locations, and fixing international date line behavior
  • Added “Message Text” option to enable or disable additional information text messages including opening the aircraft canopy
  • Fixed issue where Air Traffic views would not correctly sync in VR
  • Fixed issue preventing HTC Vive headsets from being used on machines with Oculus Software installed
  • Fixed crash with Ultra Water when using third party add-on aircraft
  • Fixed crash in Scaleform sound playback
  • Fixed Unicode error with CustomAction payload strings
  • Fixed crash that would occur when deleting the last assignment in the Controls user interface
  • Fixed several issues with the recording system including objects spawned from a SpawnList not appearing, avatar animations not playing, and bookmarks not saving all data
  • VR settings can be now set to persist
  • Fixed issue where base AI could overwrite AI behavior states
  • Fixed issue where heading would be lost when AI tug was turned on
  • Fixed issue that could cause incorrect or corrupt textures to load when having several scenery add-ons installed through the Add-on Package setup
  • Updating vehicle airspeed in the map UI no longer causes the pitch and bank to reset back to 0
  • Autopilot airspeed increment and decrement can now be mapped to keyboard commands
  • Fixed bug where desktop resolution would not revert to its original value when exiting in some cases
  • Fixed issue with sky color being incorrect when volumetric fog was disabled
  • Fixed issue with focal points being incorrectly colored in IR Black Hot camera mode
  • Minor improvements to terrain paging performance
  • Camera definitions now use content pathing when loading Scaleform movies
  • Gauge events and scripts are now processed by the user object when the avatar is detached
  • Scaleform overlays can now be set to source data from a camera’s target object
  • Corrected frustum offsets for cameras. Fix corrects Roll being incorrectly handled across the platform for cameras.
  • Fixed issue with loading third party dlls on Windows 10
  • Undocked windows now correctly persist their maximized state when application is restored after being minimized
  • Fixed left-eye lag seen in Oculus Rift VR headsets
  • Fixed performance and stability issues with Ultra Water on Nvidia 10 series cards
  • Improved AI waypoint following
  • Fixed issue where cameras would save incorrect field of view values in some cases
  • Fixed issue where batched objects would have incorrect positions at high altitudes
  • Fixed tab order in Fuel and Payload UI and Failures UI
  • Fixed small freezes that would occur when using the SimConnect text menu
  • Fixed issue where Scaleform panels would flicker in SLI when undocking views
  • Fixed issue where F-22 ground radar would flicker in SLI
  • Improved performance for render-to-texture (RTT) views and plugins in SLI
  • Improved Dynamic Lighting performance by filtering lights based on distance and size
  • Adjusted the size of stars in reflections
  • Fixed crash that could occur when certain jetways would animate
  • Fixed issue where opening the context menu in undocked views would cause a slight delay
  • Fixed incorrect tooltips in the Information options page
  • Fixed issue that would cause text added through SimConnect to draw twice each frame
  • Fixed cloud lighting inconsistencies between multiple views
  • Fixed issue that could prevent certain model parts from becoming visible after switching between views

Fixes and Improvements (Professional Plus Only)

  • IP address of machine is now automatically detected in the DIS menu configuration
  • Fixed issue that could cause weapons to draw in the incorrect location depending on viewing angles inside the Virtual Cockpit
  • Fixed issue that prevented the avatar from reloading weapon systems on a scenario load

SimDirector Updates

New Features

  • Added support for configuring new helicopter AI capabilities
  • Entities and Mobile Scenery now support AGL altitudes

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed issue which caused scenario cameras to disappear when renamed
  • Fixed issue where resize cursor would incorrectly appear in certain locations in the Selected Properties view
  • Fixed crash that could occur when importing object groups
  • Fixed crash that could occur when playing a flight recording
  • Fixed incorrect terrain origin with scenario cameras
  • Fixed issue that would cause objects to disappear after deactivating their corresponding waypoint list
  • Added validation for missing object references in AI behaviors
  • Fixed crash that would occur when setting the current waypoint of an object to a value out of range
  • Fixed issue that prevented focal points from drawing after switching to an external view
  • Fixed issue where translate and scale gizmos would incorrectly activate when dragging the mouse over them
  • Fixed issue with drag selection not deselecting appropriate objects
  • The waypoint window is now opened when creating a waypoint list
  • Clicking a selected object now deselects all other selected objects
  • Fixed selection issues seen when dragging icon clusters
  • SetGaugeActions now persist their values when changing variants of the same vehicle
  • Fixed issue where scale gizmo could be selected for the user ownship
  • Fixed crash when running Comprehensive Scenario Validation
  • Fixed driver crash caused by dragging multiple SpeedTree objects
  • Fixed issue where moving objects would snap to their original location when moving while the translate gizmo was active
  • Fixed issue where the rotate gizmo would jitter when selecting certain axes
  • UI elements no longer lose focus when mouse moves over the 3D map view in Windows 10
  • Reduced SimDirector loading time
  • Fixed issue where SimDirector would hang on shutdown with third party add-ons installed
  • Fixed serialization issue with the ScaleformPanelWindow
  • Moved mode change buttons to a separate ribbon tab and refactored base ribbon tab layout
  • Snap to Ground is now set to off by default

Prepar3D Content

New Features

  • Added CH-53E Super Stallion Marine and Navy variants as default selectable vehicles
  • Added MH-60R and MH-60S Seahawk variants as default selectable vehicles
  • F-16A and F-16AM HMD reticles now display in VR
  • New placeable scenario objects added:
    • Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV)
    • Space Launch System (SLS) Block 1
    • Generic Jet Fighters
    • Special Forces Boats
    • Container Ship
    • Ro-Ro Cargo Ship
    • Transporter Erector
    • 6×4 Truck
    • M901 Patriots
    • M777
    • Tanker Truck Yellow
    • Lowboy Semi-Tractor Trailer
    • Desert Hawk 3.1
    • Indago UAS

Fixes and Improvements

  • Updated default avatar cameras to use the avatar as the data source for Scaleform overlays. This corrects errors with the compass when using multiple views.
  • Improved F-16 HUD readability
  • Moved UH-60 default eyepoint to center of the seat

Prepar3D Scenery

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed large trench running through Syria
  • Fixed coastline dips in Guam
  • Fixed runway Z-order issues at KNRB

Prepar3D SDK

New Features

  • Added Voice Control PDK plugin and service to add custom voice commands to the system (experimental)
  • Added Voice Control SimConnect sample
  • Windows and panels can now be placed in 3D space using the PDK
  • Added AttachPointService providing location and orientation of attached objects
  • Grass can be added as autogen on airport backgrounds
  • Added SimConnect camera type to create external AI cameras
  • Added ability to listen to SimConnect_Text messages with SimConnect_SubscribeToSystemEvent
  • Scaleform panel samples for:
    • Airspeed Indicator
    • Altimeter Instrument
    • Artificial Horizon Indicator
    • Autopilot
    • Control Display Unit
    • Cyclic and Collective
    • Heading Gauge
    • Magnetic Compass
    • Multi-Function Display
    • Vertical Speed Indicator

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed bug preventing VK_NUMPAD keys from being handled correctly through SimConnect
  • Add-on dlls now automatically search current directory for dependent dlls
  • Fixed issue where SimConnect_RequestFacilitiesList would not return the complete list of relevant facilities in some cases
  • Fixed incorrect pointer type in GetParameter function in gauges.h header
  • Unified SimConnect and simulation variable functionality by providing the same capabilities in each system
  • SimConnect_RequestAttachPointData now correctly returns the requested object id and also supports SIMCONNECT_OBJECT_ID_USER
  • Fixed Unicode bug when exporting models with duplicate parts
  • Fixed bug preventing the ExternalSim sample project from building in debug.

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